Werner Kruger – Get tagged on social media


Get a tagged and recognised by Werner online. You can be recognised as a top fan and personal contact with a message from Werner.

The celebrity is available on the following platforms

  • Person ordering details

  • What is your mobile number and email address? This is for us to be able to get in contact with you.
  • Recipient of the tags details

  • If you are requesting the tag as a gift on behalf of someone else this is where you put their name. If the tag is for yourself, go ahead and stick yourself for a celebrity mention. This works great as a birthday present, or surprise gift.
  • Based on the platform you selected above, what is the 'handle' of name of the person on the social media platform. Remember to not just put a name and surname as there will be many of that name. Use the specific platform name.
  • What is the message or occasion you want the celebrity to mention. As example it can be a birthday surprise message, or a get well soon, or basically anything that makes the message special.